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Aryaman Manish Joshi
  • नमस्ते!
  • Hello!
  • 今日は!
  • !السلام عليكم
  • नमस्ते!
  • Hello!
  • 今日は!
  • !السلام عليكم

Aryaman Joshi (b. 2001) is a composer from India, currently based in Minnesota, USA. He is well known for his catchy melodies, and culturally diverse compositions. Check out his music on his Compositions Page
He graduated from St. Olaf College in 2023 with a B.A. in Music Composition and Mathematics with a Data Science Minor. During his time at St. Olaf, he played in many ensembles and widened his horizon of music. He played Piano and Contrabass Clarinet in the St. Olaf Band and Norseman Band, Alto and Bass Recorder in Collegium Musicum, Alto Saxophone in the Improvisation Ensemble, Accordion and Clarinet in Global Improvisation ensemble, sang Baritone in the Viking Chorus and Chapel Choir, was the president of the St. Olaf Taiko Club, and took lessons in Oboe and Hardanger Fiddle. He continues to play Hardanger Fiddle in the Twin Cities Hardingfelelag.

A multi-instrumentalist, Aryaman is known for his very idiomatic and well researched writing for a wide variety of instruments, one can often hear fresh yet approachable sounds from any instrument he writes for. He enjoys working closely with performers and gives high importance to the enjoyment and the intentions of his collaborators.
Aryaman also composes Microtonal or Xenharmonic music. He uses his mathematical background to explore and compose for alternate tuning systems. His fascination for xenharmony can be heard even in regular instrumental works, his aim is to make xenharmony seem normal and approachable. He explores Xenharmonic possibilities on the Lumatone and uploads Xenharmonic covers on his YouTube channel.

Performance at Minneapolis Orchestra Hall (2022)
Hardanger Fiddle with Ayano (2021)
Gamelan Performance at St. Olaf College (2021)
My family at the Taj Mahal, Agra, India (2021)
Lumatone in the dark (2022)
Avdol the Red Saxophone (2021)
Piano Sunkissed (2021)
Saxophone Behind Old Main (2021)
St. Olaf Handbell Choir (2022)
Contrabass Clarinet with Norseman Band (2022)
Urness Recital Hall (2021)
Piano Hands (2021)
Piano in Japan with the St. Olaf Band (2023)
Chilling with friends in an Izakaya, Hakone Japan (2023)
Piano in Japan with the St. Olaf Band (2023)

Besides music, Aryaman enjoys a wide range of hobbies and puts great importance on them. He loves learning languages and knows Hindi, English, Urdu, and Japanese. He is self taught in Urdu and Japanese and is currently working on his 5th language, Spanish. He also loves reading and writing poetry, practicing Arabic calligraphy and yoga, cooking and exploring new dishes, and fishkeeping.
In parallel with music, Aryaman is trying his hand at working in the field of Software and Data Science. He loves programming and coded this website by himself from scratch using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.